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March 28, 2011


Tim Merrick

Simply fantastic research and compilation of reports. Thank you!!

Your statement below sums it up:

That’s worth repeating: About four out of five consumers can’t identify a sustainable product and nearly nine in ten can’t name a sustainable company.

There's so much to do still. I can envision a time when products/services are evaluated on a scale where one can compare like with like in terms of CSR. I'm just concerned that such a concept could take a decade or more in coming.


There's much to know. Thank you for a informative post.

Corina | electric car

Unfortunatly, you have made a true statement: "Consumers aren’t as green as they claim" and more important: " they’re not impressed". So that's why they can't get smarter. This study shows the reality of the world we live in. Maybe this is a way to open everybody's eyes! Thanks!

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