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February 14, 2011



What is going to get them the investment they need to do what they are doing? Who would be willing to invest in such a corporation? Wouldn't it be simpler just to let corporations know they cannot exist if they exploit/damage our living systems. That is, make it illegal to do so and the punishment death to the corporate charter. That would make it prerogative for all corporations. Prices would likely go up, but if their was a limit on upper management salaries, it could be a lot less of a hike.

Perhaps not politically possible, but I really can't see how the idea you are presenting is going to impact anything.


SB 201 - yes please. I heard Suz MacCormac speak recently at Sustainable Silicon Valley's WEST summit - the panel was about transformative change and she spoke compellingly on what is a corporation. http://cyperusmedia.com/WEST_Summit_2010.html

Dale Fitzgibbons

Somewhat to Danna's point...corporations are bound to be fiduciary agents of the shareholders. But "fiduciary" has never been limited to financial obligations all along. Look up the definition.

One New England state (perhaps Vermont), a few years ago concluded that managers, within their fiduciary duties, were legally protected in including social/environmental issues in their decision making.

In many respects the laws already require "not harming the public" the problem is that the judiciary and states attorney general don't enforce the laws regarding harming society or the environment.

As Danna points out, SB 201 just skirts the issue...corporations ARE and SHOULD BE accountable for the harm they do.


That's true, no business owners will let their own business put to risk. They do anything to gain more profit as well.

escalante blogger

Business today is really a huge part in the country's economy.

Brad Fallon

Mr. Escalante, don't you know that? Where have you been?

Tim Merrick

Surely it's about balance? A short-term mentality might see less investment in sustainable practices but any company in it for the long run (and isn't everyone?) already understands that to be competitive a commitment to CSR is needed.

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