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April 04, 2010



I agree with most of what you said and the message I take is that we will have liquid fuel needs into the foreseeable future. The chicken or egg solution to ICE alternatives is to incentivize the RD&D to produce the biofuels now!

One cautionary note - the last time Ford tried to produce a car from scratch to showroom floor in less than 40 months we ended up with the Pinto! We can rush some things to market but I am not sure new technology cars are one of them.

Bill S.

The auto companies have been making excellent improvements in the ICE for decades. The problem is that those improvements have gone to propelling larger cars with more gadgets and ever greater acceleration.

When the miles per gallon of cars today are adjusted to account for heavier cars with more powerful engines, the improvements are quite clear.

What we need is social or political breakthrough that will allow enhancements to be applied directly to improved gas mileage rather than larger, more powerful cars.

Jeff Sabins

Joel, you mentioned alternatives to car ownership. Obviously public transportation jumps to mind, but what else have you heard thrown around?

Joel Makower

Jeff, see this post, on the notion of selling "mobility" instead of vehicles.


It doesn't matter a whole lot which way we wanna go - I'm for alt fuels - but for decades now, the ultimate fix has been described as a 'good mix' of solutions. How is it, then, that the ICE owners, and supporters, can't get it in their heads that it can all work? Can't we pool our solutions - algae, for example, and the 'sawgrass' projects, and literally, get this show on the road? Lest the price of owning a vehicle becomes so rich even 'the Donald' hasta borrow money just to live? Quit protecting your territory, and let's get our heads on straight! I don't have that fat a wallet - and it's getting to be 'crunch time'!!

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Mr Rudi O'Neil

It makes perfect sense that people will turn down something substandard if you charge them a great deal more for it. Companies making EV's are asking people to become environmental martyrs.

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Great article, i wish we will turn down regular fuels and go for more environmental friendly fuels. but in my opinion we do need some collective activity when it's come to innovation by top or small group of companies and as well different government institution which may increase the speed of innovation and adoption of technology. and as well it's reduce the budget which interns give us a low cost, high economical cars.

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When the miles per gallon of cars today are adjusted to account for heavier cars with more powerful engines, the improvements are quite clear...great article,will credit this...

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