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January 03, 2010


Ian Cleland

The nuclear holocaust was more pressing because the tools of destruction where already set in place by politicians in power at the time. It was happening now and is still a major threat.

Climate change is likened to the frog in the pot of cold water on a fire he will not attempt to jump out to it is to late. There is no sense of urgency. Even I get up ever morning and look out my window and it is just another day just like the last it is easy to become complacent when there are more immediate things to be attended to in my life.

Climate change is beyond the understanding of the majority of people and therefore they say I am only one person what can I do about it or it is not my problem.

I saw this coming back in the seventies it was called air pollution. Everyone said if you want progress this is what you have to expect.

I have spent my whole live railing against the inefficiency of humanity and why we do not have best practice.

I am one person but I am the power of one and this year I am going to prove that the power of the one individual can make a difference.

I am organising a local conference in Sydney Australia, I am trekking from Melbourne to Sydney and filming a documentary. This is all to do with creating sustainable communities. I am out there doing it

To see what I am doing see in detail http://www.thewalkingman.com.au - http://www.aboutpeople.com.au - http://www.tsfuture.com.au

I also have started a newsletter About People - Sustainability in business and people.

I am going to make a difference and looking for people who want do the same.

We can do this we just have to believe we can.

Ian Cleland
Toward Sustainable Futures



Are you seeing any attempts by the the alcoholic beverage industry developing packaging that is biodegradable? The majority of spirtis are in glass bottles
that are thrown away as soon as they are emptied by the consumer unless they are collectors items. I work as an independent
contract salesman in the liquor business
and think some changes in bottle disposal
are in order.

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