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August 04, 2009


Coral Rose

Thanks Joel for the much enjoyed and needed break in my day, with this trip down memory lane. I enjoyed the story....continued success to you!!!


Whoa...where did those 40 years go! It really does seem like yesterday. The energy of that time was...so positive and loving. It was everywhere I went in 1969. We were happy all the time whether we were high or not.
What do we do now...just sit back and "Retire" or do we finish what we started in the 60's? I say we get on with it.
We want an end to greed and selfishness and especially the attitude of profit over people..where did THAT idea come from?
We want peace not just the absence of war but a perpetual state of cooperation among people for the mutual benefit of all. Violence is never allowed to be a solution for ANY situation.
We are smart enough to develop renewable energy sources using the sun, wind, water and geothermal, feed everyone of the planet and provide health care for all. It's time to provided these basic human needs.
In 2009 Woodstock is the perfect concept to germinate those ideals from 60's in the soil of the 21st century and digital age and fertilize them with the ideas of the progressive-thinking youth of today.
And of course there will be a lot of great music!
Spread the word.
Peace, love, music, one world,


I wonder if you know the names of some of the uncredited people who appeared in the woodstock film? There was a young man and woman who lived together in a commune and went to the concert together. They were interviewed in a car on the way to the concert. Watching them, I was left wondering whatever happened to them? Do you know their names, by any chance?


My husband and I were wondering the very same thing as we watched the 40th anniversary edition of Woodstock. Where did all those babies go? But I have to say I don't agree with the premise that John Sebastian was tripping and maybe made it up - sitting here watching it, there are three very specific comments made about someone giving birth: A page for the Dr. to deliver the baby, a page for the father to report to his wife in labor (and if you watch the movie, it actually includes his full name - a little detective work should get you down that road), and then Sebastian's comment about the happy occasion.

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