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July 12, 2009



Dear Joel,

Don't you think these greenXchanges are just about intellectual properties?

Your sincerely,


Clare Price

Great article Joel! This reminds me of the early open source days of PC and Web eras. Did good then and can do good now. Clare http://marketsustainability.squarespace.com/

A S Prisant

No doubt your motives are genuine and constructive, but all the impressive statistics in this piece do not tell the true story.

All the wind and solar power we can create--regardless of costs and efficiences--can never deliver more than 15% of America's energy needs, even by the end of this century.

Worse, do you know how many decades and tens of billions it will take to build a carbon sequestration facility under every power plant on the planet? How many decades and billions to build the electric grid and charging points for an all-electric auto industry? How many trillions and decades to make our society carbon neutral?

Joel, the experts tell us we have 5-20 years to solve our eco-mess. It took us trillions and over a century to get in this positon, so it will take that long and that much to get out of it.

Bottom Line: while you may be right that Clean Technology can reach the level it "deserves", it is very unlikely to reach, in a timely fashion, the level we NEED.

Alexander Prisant/COO/Prism Ltd.

Grace Mulei

Dear Joel Makower,

I wish to appreciate your narrative on the GreenxChange especially in Green Economy to face the water scarcity and climate change; within three specifications.

Kenya like any other developing country is to a large extend affected by water scarcity associated with prolonged drought and extreme hunger.

Our activities are associated with Edducation For Sustainable Development that focuses in climate change.

I believe it is a high time sustainable resolutions were established, to change the communiny life cycle of Relief Food depndancy cycle,through water harvesting and recycling practices,for productivity.

It would be great to belong to "Creative Commons Community.

I have already registered for Open eco Java, and look forward to philonthropic involvement.

Thank you very much.


I say, two thumbs up for this one, very informative and i did learn a lot. thanks



I say, two thumbs up for this one. I really enjoyed reading it, very informative and did learn a lot. thanks


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