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February 02, 2009


Rob Longert on behalf of The American Institute of Architects

Nice post, Joel. We are interested in diving into the results from the latest "State of Green Building Report."

If you have a moment, check out The AIA's "Rebuild and Renew" plan, which outlines the need for long-term investment when it comes to job creation, infrastructure investment, and economic growth when it comes to green building.


Present efforts are insufficient, but it could be argued that we are building the critical mass necessary to bring Green to the next level. We are seeing more global cooperation due to the inherent logic of initives like the UN's 'Global Green New Deal. The reality of climate change is sinking and we are finding ways of managing our energy needs and addressing eco-degradation. The question is, do we have the time for Green to penetrate the popular consciousness?

As the president of a consulting firm and author of The Green Market I am a champion of sustainable business, but I also understand that to be sustainable, business must be profitable.

As I write in an article published earlier today, the current economic climate is hastening our efforts to address climate change.

The Green Market provides information for people seeking to invest in the rising tide of ecological interest. Included in The Green Market is a Green Link Library, a comprehensive alphabetized list of resources addressing all things Green. Original articles address subjects like CleanTech, the Obama Effect, Green ethics and marketing.

The Green Market

Peter Knight

You speak of companies only “nibbling at the edges" of the problems. Too true. But there has not been much reason to take bite-size chunks, until now. Maybe the piercing stresses we are yet to feel from our dysfunctional economy will be what’s need to get business to eschew the polite nibble for great rude gulps of change.

used digger derrick trucks

It is very nice to see that even big truck and automotive companies, boom trucks, crane trucks, etc,etc switching over to going Green. Everyone has to play there part and this is a great example of how to do it.

Donald Bo-D

The response of the larger companies is becoming more favorable and will continue to trickel down to the smaller sectors. We must encourage more computer manufactors to offer discounts to those who recycle and purchase new or used computers from them.

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