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September 28, 2008


Chris Bartle

Congrats Joel! I'm looking forward to reading it.


Mike Kilroy

Where can we buy the book?

Arlene Fairfield

I can't wait to read it. Congratulations!

Arthur Young

People who've heard or read you are salivating;
the boardrooms and managements who've yet to pay attention to you are in for insight, cost savings and genuine sustainable progress.


I don't know if anyone else would agree with me, however I happen to deeply agree with the wisdom of Tom Friedman (that we cannot consume of way out of this mess and "Have you ever been to a revolution where nobody gets hurt?"). Hello... The Big Three in Detroit! The fact is that the current economic conditions will cause a lot of companies to close their doors (websites too), and lots will die off altogether due to lack of understanding (underestimating) the competitive landscape. Those that will fight to stay alive will need to figure out — What's Next?

I believe that the New Green Economy will include the Rise of Green Real Estate Markets paired with the continued success of Cleantech, Clean Energy Markets, and large scale shifts toward Clean Transportation, and the Greening of the IT Industries (plus a fourth quarter of record investment!!), which will lead to a boom in "American Made" Green Collar Jobs and the creation of new wealth. The trick is: "who will get it right??" Execution makes all the difference
for most of these opportunities and green investors need to pay more attention to the items that management claim they can achieve.

I love this post because of the two real discussion points: "Lacking definitions" and "random acts of greenness" and these will be the talking points that will really be argued moving forward towards a popular progression of this new economy (if you will). I will be honored to reference this post in my opening speech for a panel discussion to Eco Investors around the world called, "What's Next For The Green Economy??" and I will suggest this book as a must read. The Eco Investment Club is hosting this Special Panel discussion for the very reason of strategy and action for here on out (Nov 5th - The Day After)! We are holding the meeting live in San Diego, however we are broadcasting the talk to members of ours around the world via Go-To-Webinar for folks to listen into.

This is a Special Panel Discussion To Answer Your Toughest Questions and Provide Green Investors and Green Entrepreneurs With Positive and Meaningful Insight and Honest Outlook... Panelists are being asked the
following (Unedited):

Will a Green Economy Rebound Faster From Financial Turmoil? Will the current banking chaos reduce innovation in the green tech sector such as solar panels and hydrogen cars? And Is there a new green technology
that the media is not talking about due to the elections that would have been developed sooner had the current financial crisis not taken place?

Will consumers stick with Green during tough times?

What do you think Google's Next Big Green pick will be?

What is the next administration really facing that's not being talked about in the media?

Are non green companies still jump on board the the Green Wave or are the jumping ship?

Are there any studies or signs the green food companies are profitable and appealing to large non-green companies that want to acquire them?

Are there any academically validated theories on how to pick stocks, startup stocks in particular?

Is high nonrenewable prices the only way to reach the point where we significantly shift to renewable energy?? Or are we toast??

What Does Economic Populism Mean For The Green Economy?

Bottom line: Does America need a energy technology bubble just like the information technology bubble?

1st) Has Goldman Sachs' strategy to support "Sustainability" help them weather the storm and avoid collapse, and 2nd) Warren Buffet isn't stupid, So has Smart Money finally gotten wise to the writing on the wall (street) and make large large bets on those that are betting on Green? 3rd) Who's the next Billionaire to money the money??

Is Thomas Friedman the prime leading indicator of the conventional wisdom for this new Economy??

T. Boone promises the largest transfer of wealth in history... Is he right or full of oil?

Will toyota and honda bury the big 3? and will Tesla, Fisker, Aptera become the next big 3?

Is investment in Renewable Energy too risky right now because of low oil prices?

Does Carbon Regulation cause real job creation?

63% of Americans claim they believe that tackling climate change will benefit the economy (despite the crisis on Wall Street), according to new consumer research. Do any of you believe this??

I have a friend who lost 300K in WaMu bonds... What can we all do to
save ourselves from losing everything?

Are IPO's a death sentence or what?

Will so-called angel investors follow the smart money and put their own funds (in new record amounts) into the youngest of companies -- including outfits that are pursuing the most innovative, but not yet
commercially viable, approaches to serious problems of global warming? Or will this kind of seed-stage investing that traditional venture funds have largely abandoned, jump ship, run and hide because they're scared?

I'm curious to know about green collar jobs. Where will the opportunities be and what kinds of education will be most valuable?

Bill McKibben, the Author of Deep Economy, is arguing that we don't have enough time for "green capitalism" to react and respond to avert the climate crisis. This raises the fascinating issue of how quickly capitalism does adapt. How quickly do you think our entire system will adapt? Bill sounds pessimistic arguing that our free market Titanic will hit the iceberg even though we are now incentivized and awake and trying to avoid it!

Is now a good time to start a social/ sustainable startup?

Should innovation in the financial services industry be the most
important priority of the next administration and progress in
engineering green savings bonds as Friedman suggests?

Khosla in an article: (contends that hydrogen fuels are a dead end! Although he drives a hybrid car, he believes that hybrids won't significantly slow global warming. And he's convinced that, in most
places, energy from solar panels will for many years be much too expensive. He also says "There are only four problems with global warming," he tells me, "oil, coal, cement, and steel. If we do those four, we're done.") Is he correct or arrogant and short minded like so many have observed?

Will "Smart Grid" outpace "Thin Film" in raising capital or will Tide Energy, Algae shock us?? Bill Gates shocked me recently, so What's Next??

Will Cleantech reach a fourth quarter of record capital raising?

I am a struggling San Diego based organic farmer/horticulturist... I have seen the decimation of Agriculture in the So Cal region over the last 30+ years... It has reached a point of "no-return". We are now as dependent on our food supply as we are energy! Why energy was never regarded as a National Security issue after the Iran embargo I'll never know... and now as Chilean avocados are sold in San Diego
markets--the one time "avocado capital" we talk about global warming/carbon footprints at mealtime, as foreign foods arrive long
distance by truck and boat... Is food production not a National Security issue? Energy? Water? Or is this status only reserved for failing banks and huge auto makers....

Will an Eco Investor become a Celebrity in today's new Economy? I like my privacy!

Will the US Climate Brand Index make a difference?

Will Khosla continue to be the world's foremost investor in environmental startups or will Doerr or Pickens do him in and or show him how it's done?

Is the sky falling for alternative energy?

Will Kleiner Perkins die if they're wrong by "betting the farm"? I'm ready to bet the farm!

Will EcoInvestors provide support for land development industry-led initiatives to develop projects which balance the needs of people, planet and profit - for today and future generations?

Is Clean Coal real or an illusion for political gain?

Who is in the drivers seat of this new green economy?

I think is vital is: "With reference to 'green' -- What are the changes to individual and collective consciousness wrought by this recession?"

Whoa! Great questions right! Ask more and more! Our time is now! I will recommend the book very highly and Joel, if you want to jump in on the panel last minute and field a question or two, email me at ecoinvestors [at] gmail [dot] com. www.ecoinvestmentclub.com

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