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August 17, 2008


marguerite manteau-rao

Thanks Joel. This is an important area. What is the state of lobbying for the chemical industry? I would assume it is no different than for fossil fuels or cars . . .


Bronwyn Ximm

It's nice to hear some positive notes in what has been a dirge of depressing news about toxic chemicals in nearly every sphere of day-to-day life. Let's hope some of these recommendations are moved on quickly. Action in this area is long overdue.

Saad Khan

Joel, your post has been ranked among the top 20 best posts of the week.


I hadn't heard about green chemistry before this blog. Thanks for informing me and good to know that there is more interest and exposure for this branch of science.

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Brad Willams

It is amazing to know efforts of Green chemistry in preserving environment.Thanks Joel

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