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June 17, 2008


Greg Selker

Thanks. This has some great resources. You may also want to check out this interview with Ford Tamer, a partner at Khosla Ventures (the leading venture capital firm investing in green technology companies) on the cultural keys to building a successful green tech company. It can be found at http://www.selkerlead.net/blog/index.php/selker-leadership/khosla-ventures-top-5-keys-to-green/


If solar panels were only cheaper, I think everyone would be using them. I have a site that deals with solar panels and wind turbines. Any renewable energy source will due for me.


The U.S. needs to become more energy responsible. It seems it's going to take a major energy crisis to wake up the average man. It's a shame that we use 25% of the world energy but are only a fraction of the world population. I see solar as being part of the solution but we really need to take a look at the big picture. Is big brother ready willing and able? I don't think so. We as individuals need to take matters into our own hands if we really care.


I think solar power will be the standard when it becomes affordable to the masses.

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