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October 29, 2007


David Fox

Interesting and hopeful. Big congrats to Mayor Coody. Fayetteville has been added to my "must visit soon" destinations list.

Dan Coody

Joel! Wow! Wonderful story! I am very pleased (and flattered) from all the good things you had to say. Please come visit us as soon as you can. You, too, may want to call Fayetteville your home someday. And we would be proud to have you.--Dan

Fayetteville Resident

Joel Makower said..."The 55-year-old Coody, a carpenter by trade, became mayor six years ago, sweeping out an entrenched and, from the sound of it, pretty corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy that had ruled for years."

Nothing has changed since Mayor Coody got into office. You've been schmoozed. Checkout the link below for more information.


Green Gorilla

Coody is a smooth operator. Fayetteville has always been green, Coody has encouraged the wrong kind of development during his terms, he looked good at first then you got to see his actions versus his glowing self advancement.

Rod Hagenbuch

Before we get too carried away with congratulating Wal Mart, we need to look at their whole operation. They have forced suppliers to not only decrease prices dramatically but in the process also forced them to decrease quality. Now many of the product specificantions they have demanded and outsourced have a fraction of the life useage that they previously had and have become so cheap that they can no longer be repaired. Brutally forcing poor product quality where an electric screw driver has a two year life usage and then has to be discarded rather than a ten year life usage is one of th most damaging enviornmental behaviors currently impacting the enviornment. Industry uses energy and resources to make five times the necessary products and Wal Mart gets to sell five times as many products because of their own buying damands.
Wal Mart is not the environments friend.

Their insistance on junk merchandise is trashing our enviornment.

Bob from Attract-a-Profitable-Home-Business.com

Well, Walmart is going to be huge whether they went green or not. Nothing is going to change their market hold. So changing many of their business practices to become more green I think is laudable. Others have begun to do the same.

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