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October 08, 2007


Team Wicanders

Hi there!

We’ve just launched a cool new blog about Cork Oak Floors and wanted you guys to take a look at it. Since you are experts in green building and sustainable design alternatives, we were hoping you’d be able to share some of your thoughts with us.

What would motivate an architect or interior designer to choose cork over hard wood or carpet? Do you have any comments about installation or maintenance? Do you think its health benefits are a good fit for hospitals, nursing homes and children’s centers?

Would appreciate comments from people how have first-hand experience with cork oak floors. http://www.WicandersCorkOakBlog.com.

Team Wicanders

Shelby Semmes

Forrester Research (an IT market research and consulting group) has done some interesting work on the theme Green IT, describing the roles of technology vendors and IT department decision-makers, such as CIOs described above.

One example (anything beyond a summary is only accessible to their clients):

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