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September 12, 2007


Emil Möller

What a pleasure to have such an extraordinary way of putting your $$ where your mouth is brought to our attention.

I pray they are as succesful as with their other initiatives, leaving the laggers desiring to emulate their succes.

My bet is http://www.pmlflightlink.com/archive/news_mini.html


Emil Möller, Maastricht, Netherlands

doug woodzy

I patented a prototype solar dish with high-intensity pv power for doing things like recharging electric cars. After years of production rejections I have been discouraged and gave up making more proposals. Now I wonder if I should try again. Should I?


Robert Kirsten

This is the one venue where your odds are actually lower than skipping up and down Sand Hill Road. Of course the payoff in publicity would be like a Sequoia investment so what the hey. I have a 2-pager and a 20-pager so now if nothing else I'll have a 5-pager in the quiver.

hipotecas & prestamos

Climatic Change is Not a Problem of the Future

The diagnosis of the future of the planet cannot be gloomier. To the numerous elements that damage the environment, we must now add others, like the direct consequences of turning food into fuel, established as the economic policy guideline of the United States, designed and defended at all costs by the US president.

The issue has been presented on many occasions as a warning of the potential danger that, if continued, will affect the indispensable conditions for the life on the planet. Evidently at the service of the large transnationals, which produce 25 percent of the contaminating gas emissions, the White House has justified its position and has systematically refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

The inhabitants of the planet are required to act urgently. Maybe it's not too late.

Carlos Menéndez

Lance Funston

The big barrier to plug in (now that Toyota has gotten over the sunk cost of convincing everyone theres no need to plug in), is the weight and cost of the battery packs. Automakers search and the Polar Bears now wait with baited breath for a new breakthrough to take us beyond the energy density and thermal problems with Li-on batteries.

One issue I see with the whole quest... Why is 20-30 miles on a charge such a focus? This keeps the costs sky high. If I could get 3 miles down to the store on EV mode I'd be happy, and my gas mileage would probably go up by 25% over baseline (so 55 instead of 47). The cost? Who knows but how about a simpler starter plug in unit for $2000 with an upgrade path?

Agence casting pour Enfants

Really interesting post!
Never stop iterating and don’t fear failure. Choose well-understood conventions where they will do to the most good , shortcuts you might take will cost you more to fix later than to try to get right up-front today.

Thanks , Zoli Juhasz

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