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August 28, 2007



Construction cost consultants at Davis Langdon http://www.davislangdon.com/USA/Research/ResearchFinder/2007-The-Cost-of-Green-Revisited/
just updated their green building cost study "The Cost of Green Revisited" wherein they find, "essentially the same results as 2004: there is no significant difference in average costs for green buildings as compared to non-green buildings. Many project teams are building green buildings with little or no added cost, and with budgets well within the cost range of non-green buildings with similar programs. We have also found that, in many areas of the country, the contracting community has embraced sustainable design, and no longer sees sustainable design requirements as additional burdens to be priced in their bids." This is consistent with my experience with green buildings.

Lisa Galley


This particular post highlighted a subject near and dear to the hearts of my friends in sustainability. I referenced your post in my new blog, since getting real estate financiers and investors on board is a critical part of the way forward. Please take a look!

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