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June 24, 2007


Wyatt Brown

I would love to see an Executive Summary of Economic Linkage between:

• Air travel demand growth
• Fuel quantity-used/Passenger cost basis metrics
• Developing technologies impact potential (Easy Jet, bio-fuels, so on..)

A simplified histogram depiction of these variables' innerrelations would help reduce the difficulty in visualizing this complex business landscape.

The ability to graphically communicate the existing situation, and the potential that future technologies hold is one of the biggest keys to get people informed and motivated. If people cannot clearly visualize what is happening, and what we can do about it, it is difficult to motivate.

If “the people’s will” is what motivates business and technology to evolve, then even more effort needs to be placed in graphically informing about complex issues, to in-turn, activate change, quickly. This represents a PR and EDU challenge as much as a technological challenge.

For the next many years, bio-fuels and ultra efficient technologies may help with flight-emissions considerably. Indeed, worth the effort, and -thank you- to Branson and others.

What’s next though? I'd love to hear from some scientist at BEA and Lockheed Martin....


Making cross-country high-speed rail available would get them on their toes, and it would give consumers a much greener choice.

meryl steinberg

Yes, what about the subsidized development of clean, hospitable, on-time, high speed trains. If we can make getting there an enjoyable part of the journey, maybe more people can be enticed to chose that as an alternative to intra-continental flights.

Ken O

Trains are great! Case studies include France, Germany, Japan. Airlines and carmakers don't like trains if they have a choice--but what if they could get in on the business?

Separate issue: how can a multinational company do business without extensive facetime? This seems to be the biggest issue.

Does anyone really want to take a month travelling by clipper ship (seasick?) or zepplin (???).

Travelling less will help, and that will happen when oil costs too much. Or if more take-off-your-shoes, "terrorist" and no-water-for-you measures are applied to destruct demand.

Offsets are nice but if Americans lost weight--that would directly save millions of gallons per year!

See, "Cost of fat air passengers takes off"

Laura Callier

Thanks for this article...all I'd known about before were resources like where you could calculate your carbon footprint and then donate money to plant trees to reverse your damage...
My mom's an pilot, and the joy I used to feel about hearing about her gigs is now mixed with a cringe when I think about all the carbon emissions.
Take care,


Neil Duckett

Airtravel will never be green.

lisa lavy

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