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May 22, 2007


Dale Fitzgibbons

Joel: Your last post that mentioned GE's ecomagination efforts, got me thinking.

Isn't GE responsible for more toxic waste sites than anyone else (something like 75?). And haven't they left a good deal of the costs of remediation of those sites (like the Hanford plant) to taxpayers? If so, this ecomagination slogan seems like so much window dressing, no?

Gueta Mezzetti

GE bought Enron Wind (which prior to that was Zond wind) so has become a major wind developer, plus they manufacturer and sell wind turbines worldwide. They also have a solar division. These don't dominate, tho. Aren't they also making compact flo and LED lights now?


I find that I go to these websites less and less, since they're all about buying. The greener approach is to reduce & reuse. I try to buy things used, like on Ebay and Amazon. I first check my local Freecycle before buying something. And when I do buy stuff (which of course I do all the time), I try to keep it as local as possible.

Hun Boon

These green web sites are only facilitative tools, what makes them tick are the vistors and the online communities they build.

So I'm happy to see more of them, as it's a signal that there is a real demand out there.

David Fox

All power to 'em - but it needs to go beyond a few articles and tips. We need powerful new tools that facilitate ongoing interaction between change leaders and the shared experience of their audiences. Real change is possible, for more people, with the support of technology. But its going to take a lot more effort from the publishers than what I'm seeing right now.

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