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April 17, 2007


Nicki Dugan

Thanks for the thoughtful post about our green commitment. Be sure to check out Chief Yahoo David Filo's post about our plans on our company blog: http://yodel.yahoo.com/2007/04/17/dont-even-leave-a-footprint/

Sarah Krasley/Green-e

We are also extremely impressed with Yahoo's criteria for projects that produce carbon offsets (also called greenhouse gas emissions reduction products), and congratulate them on this exciting announcement! The new Green-e certification program for greenhouse gas emissions reduction products will put standards in place that protect individuals and businesses who want to take action against climate change beyond efficiency measures. The standard addresses the criteria Yahoo used to find quality projects that produce greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Green-e standards come from transparent stakeholder processes. We are currently hosting the final stakeholder comment period for the new standard and invite any interested party to comment: http://www.green-e.org/getcert_ghg.shtml . The comment period ends May 8th.


A breath of fresh air, literally. Lots better than the evening I had last night attending a Conoco "town hall" energy meeting. The Conoco executives, although they have become the first oil company to sign on to the Climate Protection Act, had very little plans of their to reduce their carbon footprint or their customers. In fact, the whole exercise appeared to be a shell game to gain favor for oil sand extraction in Canada, which causes almost triple the greenhouse gases than oil drilling and reduces large swaths of the Canadian wilderness to waste.

In other words, business as usual. A suicidal path.

Alt Fuel Fan

Recent efforts into Hydrogen Fuel research have uncovered an improved method for creating hydrogen gas - the process utilizes microbial fuel cells to produce carbon-neutral hydrogen with *nearly 300% more energy than current procedures.

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