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April 01, 2007



My idea for a highly fuel savings car. We already know about the prius. I like the idea of revamping an old car. Or using a frame of your choice. but here is the idea. Use an efficient electric generator and run electric power straight to an electric motor connectected to the transmission of your choice. my theory simple and possibly never realized by any. I believe due to the small efficient motor transferred to raw electric would be far more efficient of a car on miles than any car in possible existence. I pray that people consider this thought just for the sake of good will to this society and begin using this new plan. Something further about an electric generator some electric generators run on fuels various fuels beyond just gasoline like hey uhm hydrogen diesel ethynol and whatever else you might be accustomed to. So your average small on-board electric generator. It dosen't seem to be have ever been intergrated that much or considered on really any cars. why not. experiment. run to completely efficiently converted over to full electric from a simple generator on board a simple car frame.


Hasn't Tesla Motors already won this competition before it even starts?

Arak Leatham

30 days ago, I reviewed and commented on the AXP Guidelines and had some contentious things to say about it.

I wish I'ld first had the chance to read your article above. It basically answers all my primary issues.

I can now see the clairity of the AXP implementation. Thanks for the practical and detailed explination.

I still wish the prototypes and concepts had such a quality method of recognition.

Mukesh Bhandari

I read the draft rules. Why do u need 80MPH speed for Alternative Vehicles? I have read, over 75% of people use Autos for short commute, less than 7/11 miles. If an efficient vehicle has to b developed, speed should be limited to 40-50 mph and range, atmost 60-60 miles. That will keep the cost low and affordable. Who needs a racing car 70% of time?

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