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April 15, 2007


click for the environment

Great article! I am working right now with a company that at the start of any new product, they investigate all the paths of that product from start to production-keeping it's carbon footprint to a minimal.


The Earth will be perfectly OK regardless what temp. it is at or how much ice there is. All YOU are concerned with is your own personal little habitats. Your worried that you may be personally inconvenienced, this is selfishness at its worst.
Who cares whether it is natural or man made… either way the earth is changing.
Those who live to blame this on man do so cause if they are right, in their tiny frightened minds it means they can fix it…. This is the same arrogance that got us to where we are today.

You decided to play(too much) and now you realized there are reactions to you actions. Just sit back and enjoy yourselves it appears that’s all people are good for anyway.
Know in your hearts that the Earth will be here long after we are gone and life (maybe no humans) will flourish as it always has.

Tyler Goines

Colin Ferguson

Please don't lay another thankless and impossible organizational duty on HR. I am an HR professional with 25 years experience and I am in the camp that says, theoretically, an organization should be able to function without an HR department. Every manager/supervisor should know enough HR (and Finance and Marketing too) to do the whole package. They are the ones who make the hire and fire and what are we going to sell and how much are we going to charge kind of decisions - can't they learn to do it in a humane, legal, interesting and accountable way? And if that means going green, then just do it. Don't look for leadership from a staff function 'cause it either won't happen or it will be weak at best. HR advises when it is most effective and line people do. My opinion, anyway.


Kevin Cooper

Great article. I guess the best way to help HR "green-up" their company's employees is through education. The company I work for Complycaster.com www.complycaster.com help companies with employee training (harassment, diversity, etc.) all directly through the web/streaming video. While we don't have any "green" topics as video options, we do have a Custom Content feature where companies can upload their own training videos or power point. Might be something to check out. Thanks.

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