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April 22, 2007



A little investment can go a long way for reducing CO2, and in the not very long run--save money. Compact flourescents are one example. Keeping your car well tuned is another. Turning off all appliances, including your computer, or just using a lap-top instead of a desk top computer is a third and fourth. Keeping your house well sealed, (but with enough ventilation) is good too. Then there are other more expensive investments, like changing out windows to double and tripled pain low-e gas windows and purchasing solar panels, maybe even buying a house that is designed to be very efficient and to have all renewable power structures built in. It will likely cost more, but before the house is paid for the investment is paying back. I think this often is lost on we Americans--that really doing something to significantly reduce CO2 production is less inconvenience than it is an investment.

Brishen Hoff

The most environmentally friendly thing one can do is to not have children.

The second most environmentally friendly thing one can do is to fight against the religion of immigration for economic growth.

We don't need more green consumers, we need fewer consumers!

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