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March 28, 2007


Dan Perkins

My partner and I have been working for four years on a project that has never been done before. It will change the amount of energy we use for living in our homes for years and years to come. We serve as consultants to cities in San Diego, The CEC, The CPUC, the county of San Diego, the San Diego Regional Energy Office, solar companies, SDG&E and other NGO's like the Department of Real Estate. We have both been in the industry of energy efficiency and solar for 20 years and we now know what it’s going to take to curtail global warming. We do this on our own dime and it’s not easy so if you have some ideas on how we can proceed without restraint we would like to hear about it as we could sure use some financial help.

Gary James

In recent months I can feel a certain "sociological concsiousness" across the country from people who are suddenly softened to the idea of preferring the use of products that "agree with green".

I am looking to produce programs for my radio show about subjects that agree with green. The more interesting the better. Feel free to contact me; [email protected] or call me at, 412-378-1531

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