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March 26, 2007


robert veach

It is kind of pathetic that it takes a Hollywood movie to get the world to notice what is falling apart right around them!
please, take a close look at this:

Bobby Croghan

Make a big impact and let everyone view the environmental movies for free. Don't CEO's get enough benefits besides free IPod videos to view free movies?

Robert Searle

Yes, businesses are beginning to wake up to the fact that green issues can become profitable challenges. With Transfinancial Economics we have a whole new ball game...to use the American expression. It believes as part of its evolving credo that transnationals, and banks can be legally "bribed" with grants, and interest free loans that would make the mass production of green technologies viable, and massively profitable.

This is explained on the addendum of new world view paper on TFE, and should appear shortly on a better edited version of my original R&D project article


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