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December 03, 2006


Ivan Storck

Does this job come with instructions on how to apply for food stamps, too? (even though it is with ED)

John Lively

I'm not sure this represents "a sea change for environmental activism." Remember years ago when EDF engaged McDonalds. Same thing here. Nevertheless, it good news that EDF is engaging the beast.

Karen Roothaan

I would love to apply for this job! I probably have a reasonable percentage of the required skill set, including the knowledge that I could not do the job by myself. Given my current income level and lifestyle I imagine that three or four individuals of my stamp could live on the salary that is being offered. Assembling the right team would be one of my first challenges, and I would start with a list of co-applicants.
Please let me know where to send my resume and letter of interest. This is a completely serious offer on my part. Karen Roothaan

robert veach

Walmart is great, solar is great. Lets give them a break. Just becauSe they are number one-makes them a target. Speaking of TARGET, THEY ARE JUST AS CORRUPT (ACTUALLY WORSE, IF YOU SCALE THE NUMBERS) as Walmart.

If you own a home or rent and are concerned about the environment,Look at this:

Hank Roberts

How about an update? Have they hired someone?

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