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December 22, 2006



Joel, I am totally blown away by your pioneering in the field of corporate & environmental responsibility.

And eventhough you may have taken a risk in using the for-profit model, I believe that your experience in the field makes it a calculated risk worth taking.

Something tells me that green will become the next black-representing the positive balance sheet.

I look forward to next years new offerings from your organizations.

Mike Kilroy

Due to the early and sustained efforts of people like you, green is going mainstream, and once people start seeing big profits, look out. From the brief time I've been reading your posts and the GreenBiz site, I'd have to say no one deserves to have their fair share of the green marketplace than yourself.

Suhit Anantula


All the best.

There are very few voices in the world of business and sustainability. You have a great chance of becoming the online giant in this field.

Looking forward!


Christopher Haase

Great News Joel,

I am looking very forward to the progress of your new venture.

You make a great point about non-profits... "That model worked for a while, but it wasn't sustainable."

I have personally helped direct wonderful non-profits groups well knowing that their organizational effectiveness will often be short lived.

It is vital that people understand that for any environmental cause to succeed there HAS to be economic gains...



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