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October 10, 2006


Sanford Lewis

DuPont's "sustainability" initiative is noble sounding, but the proof will be in the putting. Its problems with PFOA are indicative of a bigger issue - the need for any company in the chemicals business to transition to safer materials. DuPont management has pledged to reduce emissions of PFOA, but has not committed to divorce the company from this problematic chemistry of PFOA and other perfluorinated compounds. . Many key market players, including market giants like Conagra, Wal-Mart, and McDonalds are looking for a faster exit from these chemicals whether they come from DuPont or elsewhere. That's one reason that 29% of DuPont investors in voted at this year's annual meeting to demand that the company move to more expeditiously find a means to END the use of these chemicals, not continue on its slow and risky course of gradually reducing them. It might be said that "sustainability" for Dupont means above all else finding safer alternatives to its own problem chemicals. Today's announcement doesn't really fill the bill...

Sanford Lewis
DuPont Shareholders for Fair Value

s bates

It's all good that in the future dupont will be green. Great that's what we all want. However a company that finances it's green with funds generated by brown will always be a villian. They need to add another codicil to their will. Not only will we lead on sustainability but we're headed backwards into the past and we're greening that too.

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