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August 27, 2006


Xantha Bruso

Hi Joel - when I tried to subscribe to your email updates, I got a message from Feedblitz saying "The subscription form you used contains an error. Please contact support." Hope you can fix this problem so I can sign up for your updates!

Mark Stout

Glad Joel recognized the largely untapped solar photovoltaic real estate currently land-banked in the form of big-box retail. Then we can move on to PV parking shade stuctures for all of their huge lots!

C. Scott Miller

I think it is important to note that some of the oil companies are getting into the energy biz.

Perhaps it is only blowback from getting worried about the public turning on them (i.e., California's oil extraction tax proposition 87) but the oil companies are taking steps to show they are listening to the public (BP's "Beyond Petroleum" and Chevron's "Will You Join Us?" campaigns).

Is it just PR or are they finally diversifying their portfolio to participate (if not lead) in alternative energy development? The cynic in me wants to scream "PR" but there is so much money for them to be "saved" (ethanol as an oxygenate) much less made in renewable fuels it would be incredible for them not to lead the crest of the next wave. They already have the "pipelines" - lobbyists, politicians, markets, and distribution.

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