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August 23, 2006



What effect will this have on the dream of using ethanol or other biofuels to run our cars?

Farming is water intesive, and as more land is converted to cropland (and as it gets hotter due to global warming) more and more water will be needed.


Amazing post...I guess it's easy to take for granted that water will always be around, but as you say, it will get to the point where water shortage = production bottleneck/constraint. Well thought out.


It is sad that we have the technology to harness the power of water, wind and sun and save it safely in a bottle until needed. It is sad also that this bottle could effiently run clean power to homes businesses, cargo ships, trains, cars and semi trucks. It is sad that we have the technology to harness the power of the sun to superheat industrial waste to save the earth from contamination. It is sad that we have an abundance of corn and grain, yet people starve to death. It is sad that we have quality building materials, yet build piles of junk that harbor mold and burn to the ground. It is sad that 280 billion dollars of mostly hard earned back breaking american dollars will be spent to keep the backs breaking.

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