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July 01, 2006



Are you still biking in D.C.?, Joel. Mom took off on her bike 30 years ago this past month, participating in BikeCentennial. These days, I'm commuting to work daily by bike between Takoma Park and U Street. Also, Mom and I together are annually participating in the New York Jewish Environmental Bike Ride.

Never stop celebrating, Joel. Happy July 1st. And, moreover, Happy Independence Day!

Jamais Cascio

Congratulations, Joel!

Gil Friend

Congrats, Joel!

And remember to read the Declaration of Independence tomorrow -- aloud!

Chris Bartle

Well done Joel! I can only hope I've accomplished as much after 30 years of self employment.

Clint Wilder

I'll add my congrats on your three decades. I'm a mere rookie at this self-employment thing -- just under four years -- so I'm impressed! Happy Fourth--

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