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July 19, 2006



The Center for American Progress has kicked off a campaign for American energy independence called Kick the Oil Habit. Find out more and take the pledge at www.KickTheOilHabit.org and watch Mark Pike and his buddies try to drive across the US using only ethanol - their video blog is available on You Tube. We need your help - you can make a difference - contribute to the collective genius (and bring a friend). Thanks!

Bob Langert

Joel, Loved your Baxter blog on supply chain. At McDonald's, we're not a manufacturer, but we are driving good environmental management upstream into our supply chain. I recently wrote about our sustainable fisheries program and our work with our packaging supplier. And most recently I did a blog (http://csr.blogs.mcdonalds.com/)about another initiative--our environmental scorecard for suppliers of agricultural products.

While sometimes I think stakeholders have impractical expectation as to how much we can directly influence our suppliers, the fact is we do have influence, and we should exercise it as a part of doing business. Sustainability factors should be side by side with price, quality and availability.

Marc Gunther

Good column, Joel. It's striking how a single, persistent voice from within a company can spark, and then drive, change. I've seen this not just with respect to the environment but with other issues like gay rights.

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