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May 16, 2006


Mike Kilroy

Once again, Joel, you're right on the money. The only thing not mentioned is who will pay for this outreach. It takes a lot of money to launch a consistent and successful promotional campaign. I worry that the non-profits aren't up to the challenge and the for-profit companies don't have the incentive to participate in meaningful way.

Frances M.

Time magazine is not what it used to be, appearing there now may even spur disbelief (!). .

Jon Swift

I don't believe in global warming no matter how much evidence they come up with to support it:


I know some americans who still think that terrorism can be fought using soldiers, and these are "intellectuals" okay? I think america as a culture really has discrepancies. Maybe because they are a boiling pot of many cultures. Their leaders want to uphold what's popular, not necessarily whats best. Too bad we all live in one planet, and their actions affect all of us.

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