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April 16, 2006


Felix Kramer

This is VERY important. People think concretely, so showing a picture of what could be can help us get there. That's why utopian (and dystopian) novels have had such a big impact in the past--think "Looking Backward" in the 19th Century and "1984" in the 20th.

That's why the Vanity Fair Green Issue on the news-stands now (showing what places like Washington DC, NYC, and the Hamptons in Long Island would like like if sea levels rise) can reach people in new ways.

To give a glimpse of how much better cars could be, we at CalCars.org went to the same very capable outfit -- Free Range -- to do our BETTAH animation. I hope we'll see more efforts to give people hope, and that they'll be supported by significant promotion resources. And I hope one of these efforts will really catch on and spread globally!

Thanks, Joel and Stonyfield!

Felix Kramer, founder, California Cars Initiative


What a wonderful movie ! I live in France and I have to say that your positive way of thinking is really inspiring ! Congratulations ! Of course, I passed your message on to my blog.

Do you plan to extend the RenewUS campaign oustide US fronteers, for instance by collaborating with local teams and give birth to little sisters and brothers like RenewFrance ?

Jerry Stifelman


This is a marvelous piece of work. I can't imagine people viewing it without going straight to the action link.

I have ALREADY gotten emails to the links from two other individuals (one of whom never sent me anything like that before).

Rock on!

Jerry Stifelman

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