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December 31, 2005


David Biddle


Good piece. Sorry to hear that Green Business Newsletter is no more...although your site here and a number of other electronic venues sure do provide an immense amount of food for thought.

If you're interested, for what it's worth, see my essay "The Green Emperor Gets Naked" at getunderground.com It's an expressionistic six-part piece inspired by "The Death of Environmentalism."

The specific part that may be of interest is Part IV, SETTING OFF THE BUSINESS BOMB Much of what you wrote on the positive side of the scale supports the role I believe the green business community can play in providing solutions to Global Warming.

Part V just went up yesterday and attempts to make the case that environmental groups need to relinquish their claim to sustainable development and environmental justice and let these two sets of concerns go off and form their own Movement. Check it out...You can get to all of it through BlueOlives as well.

Can't wait to see what you're going to do next.

David Biddle

What you write about EHS professionals is spotOn. It is amazing how much ground could be gained through that sector of professionals. Likewise in your next section, the small business component of the equation is such a tough nut to crack...

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