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December 21, 2005



Hi Joel, Been a quiet busy with work. I havnt even downloaded my images. Hope Dharamshala worked out well. I will send you some images in a few days before I push off to goa on the 27th. I also have access and most of the images from the archives. If you would like more information I can get you in touch with a few people.

Justin Lehrer

Thanks for sharing this experience on your blog. What an honor, to spend some time with the Dalai Lama, and hear his thoughts on the physical environment in Tibet. Any chance of this this exhibit passing through San Francisco at some point?

Rory Bakke

Joel and Randy -

You are deeply inspiring as usual. The depth you have brought your community from these travels to share time and space with the Dalai Lama is aptly inspiring in the early, early days of a New Year! I am looking forward to the next piece since I am a big shoe fan!

Jen B

Joel, good thing you made the point about not worshiping.. you & Randy are just beyond smart-cool-talented. ;-) Peace, Jen


Joel, I am currently studing in Cheng Du, SiChuan province and am looking for information on Tibetian ecology issues. If you have any other information about this specific issue I would really appeciate it!

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