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November 07, 2005



San Francisco should be commended for its clean technology vision and goals. In overall sustainability related programs, policies and practices, San Francisco ranked #1 in a benchmarking study released in June by SustainLane.com (it's available free on the site), just edging out Portland in cumulative performance.

In the area of green buildings per capita, both Portland and Seattle scored higher, and Portland citizens in 2004 were willing and able to buy more alternative energy (geothermal, wind, small scale hydro, biomass and solar) from Portland General Electric and PacifiCorp. San Francisco will have to expand its portlfolio beyond solar if it wants to be a true leader and it will need to greatly expand green building incentives if it wants to produce the results Portland and Seattle have achieved in those areas.

Hopefully the city continues its progress there and in city programs promoting use of local food. Portland's mayor requests citizens there to buy at least 10% of their food from local sources, and the county has a local food policy council guiding the city. That will greatly impact the local economy while reducing energy consumption.

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