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October 06, 2005


Steve Groves

Great post Joel - has anything changed since 2005? If so what?

Brad Lindsay

There is a new thermal control product now available that could be the panacea to cover (literally), virtually every building application there is. It's called "Thermal Control Membrane" as it does not fall into a category of fibrous insulation or conventional reflective insulation. Thermal Control Membrane (TCM), has proprietary separation layers that utilize the low e surface of a radiant barrier much like low e glass does...with a twist: There are SIX reflective surfaces.
The inventor patented TCM on the premise it's unaffected by dust accumulation since there is several layers sandwiched with a special scrim layer that limits conduction between the layers and creates the low e "pockets" inside that are unaffected by dust.
TCM when wrapped around a new build (home), and rolled out over the attic insulation is so effective at controlling the flow of heat (in or out), the HVAC system(s) must be downsized by at least 40% or they will short cycle due to the lowered load.

It's time products like this get attention. Here's a link to TCM by the manufacturer Horizon Energy Systems:

Brad Lindsay, CEO Horizon Energy Systems

Alternative Fuels

The energy crisis has never been before this much worse. Several talks had been made in the past decade about energy conservation.

Dozens of research had been funded for the development of energy efficient household devices. But no matter how efficient those gadgets are they still consume power. The best solution is self discpline. We must how to limit our usage of appliances and to turn off unused lights and other electrical equipments.

Hybrid Cars
Luxury Cars

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