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September 21, 2005


Trevor Parker

With all due respect, Ford has done this before. I am presently looking at a Ford print ad found in a 1992 issue of Family Circle. It shows a picture of Roberta Nichols, Ford Environmental Engineer. She is holding a plug from an electric car. The ad talks about Ford's responsibility for the environment and talks about how Ford will soon have a fleet of electric cars on the road.
We all know what Ford did to the THINK electric car. They claimed there was not a market for electric vehicles. They did virtually no marketing for the THINK line.
Again, this article was in a 1992 magazine. That is thirteen years ago.
Ford is in trouble. They have done very little to come to market with any kind of real competition for hybrids like the Prius. Toyota has taken the ball and run with it. Ford is so far behind that it will take a miracle for them to catch up.
They can start by putting hybrid technologies in vehicles other than SUV's and trucks.
Get real folks!

xavier Figueroa

This is another example of how energy affects markets. Ford went heavy on the SUVs and truck sector, when a the price for a barrel of oil was ~$20. With the cost of energy (in the US) negligible, why not buy a large, inefficient vehicle? There was little cost to the consumer and the market was not there for hybrids. But this demonstrates the lack of planning and imagination that exists in US manufacturing. What would happen if energy prices spiked or stayed high? Everyone assumed that the good times would keep on rolling and gas would stay cheap...except the Japanese. When you are costrained by resource limitations, you think ahead and put more emphasis on alternative scenarios. The US can catch-up, but it wont be easy and it will come at a cost to GM and Ford. Couple with their junk bond status on Moody's, the transition for these automakers will strongly affect the American economy for decades.

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