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August 09, 2005



This would indeed be a great step ahead for the U.S.! This drug war thing has really screwed up our nation's priorities.

Hemp oil is healthy and full of anti-oxidants and can even be used as a fuel for vehicles and homes. Hell, Henry Ford built a car that was "grown" from hemp and a combination of other annual crops and designed to run on hemp fuel!

The diesel engine was originally created to run on biodiesel - primarily from hemp!

For more on hemp and its gazillion uses, go to Hemp.com. Also, look for large chemical multinationals like DuPont to lobby against this bill. They're the ones who killed hemp in the first place in America.

Tom Murphy

Please encourage everyone you know to go to the Vote Hemp web site to send a letter to their Congressional representative urging them to cosponsor the first-ever hemp farming bill, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2005 - H.R. 3037. Here is the link:



Tom Murphy
Board Member
Vote Hemp

Peter Carroll

It is about time to say the least but we face a similarly restrictive approach here in Australia where the impacts of cotton on our marginal rangelands is having huge consequences for land and especially water. Australia is the driest continent on Earth except Antartica and we are having to bite the bullet on many water issues yet the cotton industry continues to enjoy huge water allocations to keep its unsustainable production going. All this contrasts sharply with hemp which requires around 80% less water depending on who you consult. Still Australian governments require the most stringent safeguards on production of hemp because of its drug connotation which is in turn driven by misconception since the types grown in the trials must be of low THC content. The question in the post Hoover era with the likes of Du Pont proclaiming their green credentials on issues like zero waste production is to demand of them a justification for any stance taken against a product which can supplant other more unsustainable crops, quite apart from any scaremongering about "reefer madness".

Good luck with the Hemp Bill and hopefully the US will complete the circle of sane hemp production in the near future as so many fibre based industries need it desperately.

Peter Carroll, Sydney Australia


Great information! Hemp is an incredible resource that is underutilized in the United States. This law would help to change that and maybe even relieve some of the burdon of importing so many different products from the rest of the world. http://www.hemp.com has information on some of the uses and has a store where you can see some of the wonderful products made from this amazing plant.


If you need an information about hemp and topics related to the industrial hemp, I'd like to recommend a very good free resource at http://www.HempSearch.com

Good luck

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