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July 09, 2005



Sounds like an incredible, stimulating event!

philippe boucher

sounds good but it is also a little stunning that while they recorded the sessions they are "not sure" what to do with the recordings?
My feeling is the recordings should have been posted right away via a dedicated blog. But I admit I am biased since I am managing www.ecotalkblog.com
Better late than never: it would be good for all the people who could not make it to have access to the recordings.
One interesting practical question is: were the recordings in MP3 format (or ancient tape stuff).
PS: If they are looking for help managing this material I'd be happy to work with them.
Take care


you are amazing, you get to go everywhere and do everything. i want to be you.

F. Makower

What a wonderful meeting that was. I hope that some of the good ideas will be implemented and that the group will continue to meet periodically and make a difference. Bravo!!

Joel Makower

Thanks, Mom!

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