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April 01, 2005


Jason C.

Hello Mr Makeower:

First of all, just a "thank you" for your blog and the green ideas you share. It IS about time that we start putting a value on our natural resources, and charging a LOT MORE for negative impacts.

I've been studying solar (solar sales/marketing), and see how that if the consumer clearly saw an "electricity content label" or "CO2 emmitted/day" on their meter, which could hopefully be moved inside the house where it's visible, they would act differently. For example, if the label in Tenessee shows that 75% of their energy comes from coal, and the mercury/greenhouse gas emissions that come along with that, they might feel more empowered to go for solar, wind or lobby for a cleaner source. But they gotta know the contents to begin with!

--Jason C.



www.fatspaniel.com, a software services company, offers a web deliverble that monitors CO2, or Greenhouse Gas avoidence. From the main index, drill into: ~go to monitor page~ and check out all the locations (with solar) using the technology.


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