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February 13, 2005


Gerry Liddle

Joel: Excellent overview of Kyoto. Great work!

Vele Samak

Joel, what a great review of Kyoto's impact and also a good resource of links. At the risk of promoting, I'd just like to add a company that I and fellow Wharton MBA students started recently as part of a class project: TerraPass. TerraPass helps individuals offset the CO2 emissions of their vehicles. For each TerraPass that drivers buy, we pool funds of all customers and invest in green energy projects or buy and retire carbon instruments on the Chicago Climate Exchange, which results in carbon-neutral vehicles on the road. One journalist described us as "Kyoto for commuters". While it's in the early stages in the US, we expect growing interest from drivers who like to clean up the impact of their cars on global warming.

Elysa Hammond

Great article, Joel. Two other organizations that have been excellent partners in our work to reduce our climate footprint at Clif Bar Inc. are NativeEnergy www.nativeenergy.com and Clean Air Cool Planet. The latter group has resources to help any institution -- business, municipality, faith communities and schools. They recently developed a rsource packet for universities that want to address their climate footprint. Their focus is the east coast but ideas and resources are useful to all.

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