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February 06, 2005


Bob Royce

Thank you for drawing attention to this. There are in deed many Christians who see stewardship of the environment as a way to honor the Creator. My only quibble is your suggestion that this only started in the early '90's. In fact, in the early '70s Francis Schaeffer, a prominent evangelical leader, wroter a brilliant book outlining a doctrine of Christian environmental stewardship, Pollution and the Death of Man.

Cindy Ryu

God gave us the privilege and the responsibility to enjoy and take care of our earthly home. Environmental responsibility is biblically based. It is also one of many ways to loving ourselves, our children, & our neighbors.

Cindy Ryu, MBA (UW)
32nd LDDO State Committeewoman
Shoreline Chamber of Commerce President

Liz Couture

If, as suggested, all Christians were to take part in the environmental movement (not just by giving money, either)we would truly make a difference! In Canada, politics mixed with religion seems to be a big "NO NO". Charles Colson's book "Who Will Speak for God?" was an inspiring read and he claims that in history, religion was separated from politics not to protect politics from religion but to protect religion from politics!

I would like to hear more discussion about the Christian Heritage Party in the media. I would also like to hear more discussion about the Green Party of Canada in the media, for that matter!

Don Bosch

Disappointed I'm only coming across your post now (thank goodness for the new Google blogsearch). Linked to it today at evaneco.com.


Well I have always wondered about this particular godsquad hypocrisy. I'll admit that "dominion over the earth" could be taken to mean a great many things, but I'm sure that any reasonable person could draw on there own personal experience of the time when their parents left them home alone for the first time to conclude that "it's your house for the next few hours" doesn't really imply that you can burn it down just for laughs. And to those "rapture" enthusiasts, isn't there something about forcing god's hand that bites you in the ass?

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