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December 29, 2004


Bill Smith

I have been watching the environmental arena for several years now and shake my head. We have been able to reduce fuel consumption in the US alone by 100+ million BARRELS (not to be confused with gallons) annually according to the US Department of Energy Testing. However as best we are, we can't get anyone to even notice our company. We recently went public spring of last year and even that has hardly turned a head.. what does it take to get noticed in the environemental arena??
BilL Smith


Why do you shake your head?
Thats great that you can reduce your consumption by so much, but surely you are doing this for more reasons than publicity? What about reducing long-term company expenses, keeping ahead of oncoming legislation and peace of mind etc
I would even suggest that it is a positive thing that it takes so much to get recognised. It indicates that the change is acclerating at a high level, and to get notice you have to be extra sustainable.

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