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December 21, 2004



Well, here's a thought: either de-couple the environmental movement from the Democratic party, or de-couple the Democratic party from its unpopular far-left spokespeople and political leaders.

There are plenty of libertarians and conservatives who care about the environment, but simply will not vote for politicians with a domestic agenda that smacks of socialism.

The Democratic party could pull many of those libertarians and conservatives away from the Republican party if it de-coupled its social goals (most of which are universally shared) from socialist means (most of which are unpopular).

It could also nominate someone like Joe Lieberman, who is appealing to many libertarians and conservatives, and who would be good on the environment, instead of someone like John Kerry, who is not. Lieberman could have gotten elected.

Sadly, I don't expect any of the above to happen any time soon.

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