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November 22, 2004


Jaime Guthals

Dear Joel: One magazine you didn't mention in your litany of alternative lifestyle publications is Natural Home magazine, now becoming Natural Home & Garden. Read the news about the name change, just announced today, at www.naturalhomeandgarden.com.
I think you'll appreciate our editorial--and we're decidely different from the rest. Could I add you to our comp list for an advance copy of the re-launched March/April issue (available in early Feb)? Just let me know your preferred mailing address. Cheers, Jaime Guthals, Natural Home & Garden.

Claudia Logan

I'm working with Gaudet Log Homes, a green builder in California (www.gaudetloghomes.com), and we were just looking at Plenty the other day. We agree that the alt.mag category is going upscale and not always for the better.
It's as if the editors are saying, "You're green if you eat Kashi." A little too slanted toward lifestyle aspects IMHO.
We'll be watching to see how this market shakes out and hope you keep covering this topic.
~Claudia Logan
Editor, The Gaudet Green Report

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