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June 24, 2010


Kathryn Alexander

I applaud your move toward principles. I've been working on the Sustainable Value Set which sets specific values as part of a continuous decision making process that will ensure sustainable decisions. This is part of our Forever Green certification process. In my view, with out a coherent set of values we will knee jerk back into old behaviors. In fact some of those old values will undermine any attempt to be sustainable. In working with Strategic Values in various workshops we make this clear and give people an experience of what that means and the different results you get from applying different values. It can be an eye opener!

Craig Shields

This is a great modification to a fine concept. Much of my business life has been in marketing and assisting the development of business strategies, and I believe this innovation Joel informs us about here is the crucial ingredient to carrying sustainable concepts across the finish line.

By adding the consideration of culture into the mix of economics, environment, and social impacts, this framework will help projects to answer the key question in the mind of every potential player, "How does this fit into my life?"

A great many people - perhaps even a vast majority - realize on some level the pressing necessity of moving quickly and globally to sustainable societal structures. Yet I'd venture that many of these people are daunted by the tasks and uncertain how they can be achieved. There's an imperative value that the creation of a cultural space will add to comfort level and ownership of sustainability concepts.

It seems to me that this is related to the transformation of the old marketing techniques, based around quality and reputation, into the 20th century methodology of emphasizing a contribution to individuality and personality. The addition of culture to sustainability projects, however, seems more genuine as such projects will tend to involve beneficial changes in lifestyle.

I believe this particularly has great potential to move forward a paradigm shift that I'm expecting with regard to internal combustion vs. all-electric vehicles - similar to what we saw in the public perception of wearing fur not so many years ago. Here's a link to some discussion of that coming sea change:


Bravo, Joel! The inclusion of that culture factor is quite a wonderful leap to join with as an ambassador. I'll be looking forward to seeing it bear fruit.

Craig Shields

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