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December 29, 2009


Dave Pratt

I remember seeing this Honda commercial on TV and thinking how much of an insult it was to environmentalists in general. The add follows a man throughout his lifetime of car ownership. It shows flashes of him owning several gas guzzling cars. And it shows him wearing the "Save the Earth" T-Shirt as a young man and again (if I remember correctly) as a man approaching old age when he buys a compact Honda.

Cars ARE destructive machines. Cars and car companies have historically not helped us to "save the earth" and its natural systems that we know and love.

I can't believe the apologist tone you are taking for Honda, Joel. Certainly Honda has the legal resources to determine whether they are close to trademark violation and the fact that they quickly pulled the add is interesting to observe.

Perhaps in this case, arrogance and its own contradictions won't pay off for Honda. But all of this talk makes me wonder who and what you're working for, Joel.


I disagree! That is absurd for some group to own a simple saying that has been around for decades. That is similar to seed companies owning various seed varieties. It's absurd! Especially when they then tell you to spread the word and use those very same words in the very same order.

And I agree completely with Joel, that it is ourselves we need to save. The planet's not going anywhere, unless we blow it to smitherins. But of course to stop that we gotta save ourselves as well.

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